April 15, 2020–


Q: During this Health Crisis in our community, what resources can the college provide for students to be successful in their classes?  What virtual resources will be available to students?

A: I think some of the information about resources and online learning is on the college’s website in our Covid-19 FAQ sections.  Here are links for spring quarter:  https://www.pierce.ctc.edu/student-support  and  https://www.pierce.ctc.edu/student-support-faq


Q: In our current healthcare situation, our members as healthcare workers are often on-call and called into work for essential duties. What can students expect from the college this upcoming quarter in support of them balancing these difficult realities?

A: The nice thing about online and virtual courses is the flexibility in scheduling as the courses are asynchronous.  Faculty have been encouraged to provide as much flexibility as possible due to the challenges students are facing not just with work schedules but with home schooling and a myriad of other new obstacles.


Q: Given the recent college closures during the winter quarter, what can students expect if they didn’t perform well,  had difficulty passing a course or their GPA was greatly impacted because of the COVID-19 crisis?

A: We have been talking about a variety of things from I grades to repeats to waiving student academic progress requirements for funding, etc.  The grade appeal process is underway now. **More information here may be coming soon.


Q: What can members expect in the upcoming spring (and summer) quarters and what strategy, tools or resources would you recommend for them to be successful?

A: Spring quarter is virtual with some thoughts around grounded labs toward the end of the quarter if we are allowed back on campus.  Social distancing will be planned in, or labs will be put online.  Some F2F components will be adjusted for summer as well including biology, chemistry and nursing labs.  All the resources that are in place for spring will continue into summer.  Online tutoring and counseling and a myriad of services are in the links provided above.  The navigator will continue.  SEIU Training Fund students will be in the LPN to ADN part time program in PUY, and we can provide more specific information about that if needed. Please reach out to your instructors or connect with us online for more information as things develop and change.