April 15, 2020—

Q:  During this Health Crisis in our community, what resources can the college provide for students to be successful in their classes?  What virtual resources will be available to students?

A: On ground tutors will now be accessible online through Zoom. Students can access tutors at either SCC or SFCC which will expand the times tutors are available. On the college home page students can easily locate how to access a variety of student services. Students can connect with services, like counseling by email, phone or Zoom.   https://scc.spokane.edu/News-Events/Coronavirus


Q:  For some, there is the myth that online courses are easier. Many of our students have struggled with the reality. What options will be available for students…. online learning or a hybrid modality?  And then, how will your staff be able to support students in this transition?

 A: Our Student Success Coach has connected with students to listen to their concerns in regards to online classes and to make a plan for a successful spring quarter. For some students this has meant dropping the science class they were in with a lab and enrolling in another class they need without a lab. For others their plan meant taking fewer credits this spring. All have been sent the link to our tutor schedule for added support.


Q: In our current healthcare situation, our members as healthcare workers are often on-call and called into work for essential duties. What can students expect from the college this upcoming quarter in support of them balancing these difficult realities?

A: Some allied health programs have re-arranged programs to meet the “Stay Home Stay Healthy” directive and most have flexible delivery for the lecture components. The labs and clinical simulations will continue as scheduled. Students should work directly with their instructors. All pre-req classes are offered online so they should provide the flexibility for an unusual work schedule. It is important for students to check in with their instructors because there could be some synchronous sessions scheduled.


Q: Given the recent college closures during the winter quarter, what can students expect if they didn’t perform well, had difficulty passing a course or their GPA was greatly impacted because of the COVID-19 crisis?

A: Students should check in with our Student Success Coach and with their instructors directly. Instructors have been very responsive to student concerns during the challenging times.


Q: What can members expect in the upcoming spring (and summer) quarters and what strategy, tools or resources would you recommend for them to be successful?

A: Our Student Success Coach will continue to work with students to plan their schedules for summer and /or fall. Since summer quarter is a shortened quarter we often use the strategy of taking fewer credits that quarter and avoiding taking a class with a lab unless the student only plans to take that one class.