Virtual Interview Tips

Do you have a virtual interview for a job or school? Here are a few tips that our navigators put together to help you prepare.

Before the interview:

  • Get familiar with the virtual platform BEFORE your interview
    • Review how to use Zoom/join the meeting
    • Know where the mute button is (use the microphone icon to turn mute on and off)
    • Know how to hide your video (in Zoom, hover your mouse in your own picture/video box, look next to “…”, and click on “hide myself”) — everyone else can still see you but you don’t have to look at yourself
    • Learn how to use a virtual background in Zoom
  • Be sure the area you are in is distraction-free
    • Check your surroundings to make sure your background is clear of pets, family, windows, TV, items on counters, etc.
  • Get your device (computer, phone, tablet) ready
    • Close any other open programs on the device you are using
    • Raise your device to eye-level and check for glare or reflections
    • Know where to look and focus your eyes; use a post-it by your camera to remind you where to look
  • Prepare for the interview
    • Do your research about the position and company (or school) before your interview
    • Be prepared to answer common interview questions
    • Write down your questions and answers to common questions so you have a resource to use while interviewing; place them near your device so that you can see them but the interviewer(s) cannot
    • PRACTICE with friends or family

During the interview:

  • RELAX: take a deep breath before you start your interview
  • BE ON TIME: the standard for this type of meeting is 2-3 minutes early, not more
  • Do not look at yourself; use hide self (see above) or move your eyes like you are in an in-person interview
  • Posture is extremely important for how you will look while on camera; sit up straight, try not to use your hands, try not to fidget/move your chair/spin around
  • Wear color, not white or off-white/cream
  • Wait for the other person to finish speaking before you reply
  • Speak clearly
  • If you didn’t hear a question or don’t understand the question asked, ask for clarification
  • Don’t wear a mask
  • Remember this is an interview and you want to present your most professional self
  • Remember that they CAN SEE YOU

After the interview:

  • Send a thank-you note or email


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