Kaiser Permanente employees – Help build better training programs

Are you a Kaiser Permanente healthcare employee? Are you interested in furthering your education or advancing your career? Take this survey, provided by Kaiser Permanente of Washington Workforce Development, to help create better opportunities for you and your peers.

The Workforce Planning and Development (WFPD) Committee collaborated to develop this Training Needs Assessment Survey. The survey is designed to capture your views and values of developing new skills and career advancement needs within KPWA. The goal of the survey is to collect data that can inform WFPD Committee projects.

Workforce Development is a Labor-Management Partnership (LMP) program with goals to develop the workforce of the future at Kaiser Permanente WA (KPWA), build pathways for retention and career progression, and build the skills and competencies of KPWA staff through a culture of lifelong learning.

You can fill out the survey here.