Start planning now for tuition assistance this year!

Considering going back to school? Or planning to continue your degree?

Don’t procrastinate, apply for tuition assistance today! The deadline for tuition assistance applications is October 15, 2021, but planning for school today will help you succeed tomorrow.

Your first step in returning to school with the Training Fund is getting connected to a Regional Education Navigator. Your navigator will guide you through accessing your tuition assistance benefit and help provide support through your time in school.

Start by filling out the Training Fund application. If you want more information first, sign up for one of our Tuition Assistance Enrollment Virtual Info Sessions. Have even more questions? You can ask one of our navigators at the next Training Fund Tuesday!

Your navigator will help you understand and plan for:

  • How much tuition assistance you’re eligible for (based on employment status and union bargaining unit).
  • Which approved programs you can apply to.
  • Which school is best for you.
  • What healthcare career is best for you.
  • Other resources that can help you achieve your goals!

Don’t hesitate any longer, reach out to the Training Fund today!