Academic Support & Workshops


The Training Fund provides multiple academic resources to help you succeed in school. These include course tip sheets, basic computer classes, standardized test prep, and more.  Explore our offerings below.

Academic Support Materials

Training Fund provides extra resources to assist you in passing exams needed for your education pathway. Please connect with your assigned Regional Education Navigator (REN) to request materials. Our RENs are skilled at helping you determine what support materials are needed to help you succeed with your education and career goals.

Once approved by your REN, the requested materials will be shipped directly to you.

If you have not been assigned to a REN please complete this form.

Don’t remember the name of your REN? Please email or call the Training Fund office at 425.255.0315.

Materials List

Personal Statement Workshop

The SEIU Healthcare 1199NW Multi-Employer Training and Education Fund’s Personal Statement Workshop helps members write effective personal statements so that they can improve their chances of getting accepted into programs and moving forward with their goals! The workshop introduces the process of writing an excellent personal statement while being supported by a Training Fund Personal Statement Tutor.

Upcoming dates – Mark you calendars now!
-Sunday, Sept 22, 2019
-Saturday, Sept 22, 2020
from 1pm to 2:30pm at the Training Fund Office, Evergreen Building 15 S. Grady Way, Suite 330, Renton, WA 98057     

Click here to sign up for the workshop!

Resume Workshop

Our Resume Workshop helps members create and polish their resumes so that they can improve their chances of standing out when applying for jobs as they work towards advancing their professional careers.

Get Started:

Writing or updating a resume is a “must” for pursuing a new job or applying to an education program. A clean, polished resume will help you stand out from the pile of other resumes and land you an interview! The SEIU Healthcare 1199NW Multi-Employer Training and Education Fund can help you get started on creating a dynamic resume to get that invitation to interview.

What You Will Learn:
+ Clear advice on what resume format healthcare employers prefer
+ Recommendations on how to professionally frame your accomplishments 
+ Connections to resources; including the Training Fund’s Employment Services

Upcoming dates – Mark your calendar!

-Tuesday, June 25, 2019
-Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Class held from 6:00pm – 8:00pm at the Evergreen Building, 15 S. Grady Way, Suite 330, Renton, WA 98057.
You can also attend virtually on your laptop from anywhere via GoToMeeting.

Register Now!
If you have recently graduated from a program, are planning to graduate soon, or are just job hunting at a Training Fund employer partner, you are highly encouraged to sign up for the Tuesday, June 25 workshop! Complete the registration form.
The workshop is free and only open to Training Fund eligible members.
Statistics Prep Workshop

The SEIU Healthcare 1199NW Multi-Employer Training and Education Fund’s Statistics Prep Workshop is a 3.5 hour intense primer to help you get ready for your Statistics Class! Learn an overview of Statistics concepts you’ll need to master, strategies for
successful completion of the class, and how stats matters in your healthcare career.

Upcoming dates – Mark you calendars now!
-Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019
-Wednesday, April 1, 2020
from 6pm to 9:30pm at the Training Fund Office, Evergreen Building 15 S. Grady Way, Suite 330, Renton, WA 98057     

Click here to sign up for the workshop!

TEAS Prep (Nursing Entrance Exam) Workshop

Prepare for the TEAS test with the Training Fund!
If you need to take the TEAS test to apply to nursing school be sure to attend a Training Fund TEAS test workshop. Attendees have raised their TEAS scores by more than 20 points by participating in our review workshop!  The workshop is FREE for training fund members.

How it works:
Attend a 5 hour in-person TEAS test review workshop and receive a comprehensive ATI TEAS Study Manual as well as an online access code to the ATI website to complete a TEAS practice test (online practice test can be taken twice).

Upcoming dates – Mark you calendars now!
-Sunday, OCT 6, 2019
-Saturday, JAN 25, 2020
-Sunday, APRIL 12, 2020
from 1pm to 6pm at the Training Fund Office, Evergreen Building 15 S. Grady Way, Suite 330, Renton, WA 98057   

Not a Training Fund member?
If you are not eligible for Training Fund benefits, you will need a credit card to pay. We will contact you via phone or email to complete the transaction after you complete the registration form. Non-member cost is $150.

There will be no refunds for cancellations made less than one week prior to the workshop date. However, refund will be provided if the class is cancelled by the Training Fund for any reason. Good luck on your TEAS!

Call the Training Fund office with any questions: (425) 255-0315.

ELL and Basic Computer Classes

Do you want to improve your English and computer skills?

The Training Fund can help you to: 

Improve your English
Learn email and internet skills
Do health and wellness surveys for work
Practice professional communication
Get your English ready for programs, like to be a CNA

The Training Fund offers ways to learn English and computers:

Learn at the hospital work-site
Take a college ELL class
Learn with your work department
Learn on your cell phone with Cell-ED

Learn at your work-site

Meet with a tutor for free at work, before or after your shift. The Training Fund will learn what time works for you. Your tutor will learn about your English and computer skills. We can help you build your skills and reach your goals. Call Destiny at (206) 321-1874 and say: “I want to learn computers and English at my work.”

Learn with college ELL classes

Take an ELL class for free at the community college by your home or your work. The Training Fund can pay your fees for classes and school books you need. Apply to the Training Fund online, or call Destiny at (206) 321-1874 and say: “I want to learn English at the community college.”

Learn with your work department

Sometimes there are changes at work with computer programs or work responsibilities. Everyone will need to learn new ways to use the computer, or learn English reading and writing skills. If you hear about an opportunity for the Training Fund to support, please contact Destiny at (206) 321-1874.

We are here to help you learn!

Training Fund ELL and basic computer classes are offered onsite at our various employer locations in partnership with Literacy Source to support members who want to improve their English and/or basic computer skills.

Contact the Training Fund to arrange for classes at your worksite! Email .

Training Fund Regional Education Navigators work to transition interested students to I-BEST (Intergrated Basic Education and Skills Training) or other formal ELL classes offered through the community college system in order to help members reach their long-term goals.
Watch Seattle Central College’s I-Best video

Questions about workshops? Contact Destiny Williams

Education Services Project Lead

Phone: 206.321.1874

Number of points Training Fund members have raised their scores after completing a TEAS Prep workshop