Our Mission

The Training Fund supports innovative training, education, and career development for healthcare workers that maximizes their talents, proactively meets industry needs, and ensures high-quality patient care through a diverse and skilled healthcare workforce.

Program Highlights

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Start a New Career through an Apprenticeship

Join the in-demand fields of Medical Assisting or Sterile Processing through a unique training opportunity and earn while you learn.

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A State Grant that made a BIG Impact

Our members say it best!

“My Training Fund Navigator was really great at counseling me. He walked me through the whole process….applying to the Training Fund, qualifying for Tuition Assistance, and then sending me resources for scholarships to keep my costs as minimal as possible. When I was unsure about things, he would reach out on my behalf to help me navigate. He definitely went above and beyond!”

Paisha Andersen, MultiCare Deaconess Nursing Assistant
Paisha graduated from Spokane Community College with her RN certificate.

Take a chance - go back to school!

“I was really nervous to go back to school because I had been out of school for 13 years. But it’s such a great benefit to take advantage of. Going back to school was a challenge but I think when it challenges you it really makes you stronger, and I just feel like it makes me have more of an edge in my field”

LeAnn Garcia, MultiCare Valley Hospital Registered Respiratory Therapist

LeAnn graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Respiratory Care from Boise State University.

"Tuition assistance meant following my dream career"

“I wanted to be a nurse since I was 10-years-old. I started working as a patient transporter in 2016 and I didn’t know we had a union or an education fund. I became more serious about my nursing career. [The Training Fund] is awesome, it’s great! It takes a load off of you financially and you can focus on your school without worrying about how to pay for it.”

Aimee Duenas, MultiCare Auburn Medical Center Nursing Assistant
Aimee completed her nursing pre-requisites and began the Highline College nursing program in September 2020.

School is not easy, but it's not impossible with the Training Fund

“Going back to school for a Master’s program after 30 years, in a different learning environment, with a full-time O.R. nurse job, and the pandemic is not easy, but not impossible to do. I was amazed by the tremendous support I had from the Training Fund and WGU mentors. Now I can say I will never regret taking the high road in meeting my personal and professional development. The next step for me is to plan on giving back.”

Marina “Rina” Sotero-Galban, Highline Medical Center Registered Nurse
Marina graduated with her Masters of Science degree in Nursing Education from Western Governors University in October 2020.

Members find success with special partner programs

“I pursued my BSN through Bellevue College because I plan to continue my education in the nursing field. The biggest barrier for me was I work and have two small children, so I needed a program that was part-time. The Bellevue RN-BSN program allowed me to work and be a parent. The Training Fund made everything really easy; they even bundled all my textbooks so I didn’t have to shop for all of them. We had amazing, resourceful instructors at Bellevue that helped us navigate different challenges that came up. I would definitely recommend this program to RNs who need the flexibility of a part-time program.”

Ei Kaminaka, CHI – St. Anne’s Hosptial Registered Nurse
Ei graduated in 2019 with her BSN from Bellevue College thanks to the RN-BSN program. The RN-BSN program is a partnership between the Training Fund and Bellevue College.