We’re celebrating! The Training Fund awarded Tuition Assistance to every member who applied in 2021

Every year, the Training Fund’s prominent Tuition Assistance program receives many applications from members. In 2021, every member who applied received the good news that they would receive Tuition Assistance!  

Over 300 members will receive funding to begin school programs in 2022, in addition to many others already receiving tuition assistance.  

“Education is a crucial tool for our members to advance their careers and we’re thrilled to offer this life-changing program.”

– Training Fund Executive Director, Laura Hopkins

Juggling a full-time job and family responsibilities can make it challenging to return to school. This is why Tuition Assistance can be a valuable resource for our members. Tuition Assistance helps pay for school-related costs like tuition, books, and other fees for approved programs. 

Members can also access a variety of educational support services to help them succeed, such as tutoring and career counseling.  

If you are interested in applying for Tuition Assistance for the upcoming school year, fill out a Training Fund application.  Learn more by signing up for one of our Training Fund Tuesday events!