Advanced Certification for EVS Technicians (ACET)

EVS members: get your ACET certification!

EVS members hold a critical role at our hospitals. Through ACET, EVS members can learn more skills and possibly earn a raise!

Since ACET launched (Dec 2022):

15 cohorts

90 participants


Pass rate on first attempt

Program Details

Advanced Certification for EVS Technicians (ACET) is a healthcare industry-informed 24-hour EVS professional training program that combines interactive online learning and examination with onsite training and assessment.

The Certification is valid for three years (36 months) from the date of completion, after which candidates can complete re-certification online.

Requirements for Applicants

To be eligible to participate in ACET, applicants must:

  • Be an eligible EVS Professional with some on-the-job experience
  • Apply and meet selection criteria (training may be prioritized based on seniority and available spots)

Program Outcomes

ACET program outcomes include:

  • Improve workplace safety  
  • Increase staff knowledge, skills & competencies 
  • Equip & empower EVS Techs to proactively identify & address emergent issues
  • Enhance patient care & experience

Curriculum & Topics Covered

ACET takes place over 3 sessions, totaling 24 hours:

  • Session 1 Interactive instruction (8 hours)
  • Session 2 Interactive instruction (4 hours)
    + Onsite mentorship (4 hours)
  • Session 3 Onsite mentorship (4 hours)
    + Final review & Certification exam (4 hours)

The topics covered in the ACET program address core competencies identified by industry leaders that address critical health system roles. These include:

  • Promoting a culture of safety
  • Infection prevention
  • Tools & equipment
  • Waste handling
  • Green training
  • Team & patient engagement


The cost of this program is covered by Professional Development for Training Fund Members, including: instruction costs, laptops, supplies, and ongoing access to online lessons. Refer to the Plan of Benefits for more details.

Are you an employer who is not currently contributing to the Training Fund?

Good news! You can still participate in this program. Grant funding is available to cover the cost of ACET Training.

Grant Funding

The ACET program is grant funded. Employer costs are covered.

Funding supports tailored training that addresses language and digital literacy needs, ensuring participants succeed in coursework and expand their proficiency. Support services address English language proficiency, literacy, numeracy, and digital literacy skills, with assessments guiding participants’ readiness for ACET or identifying areas requiring remediation.

ACET Origins & CHEST

ACET originated as responsive programming to address both labor and management needs. Our partners at Swedish Hospital identified a need to advance EVS employees and promote respect for the valuable work that they do. This resulted in the CHEST program, which addressed this issue from the management perspective. Over time, this program has incorporated feedback from focus groups and subject matter industry experts to evolve into a new curriculum and certification program that is specifically for EVS workers: ACET.

Need to recertify your ACET credentials or have CHEST certification?

ACET Recertification Instructions

The ACET Certification is valid for 3 years following your certification date. The expiration of your certification can be found on your ACET certificate.

In order to keep your ACET credentials active, you will need to complete 15 CEUs (continuing education units) during the 3 years following your certification date.  This will allow you to:

    • reinforce your knowledge of ACET content.
    • maintain your professional certification, including any associated pay raise (if applicable)

By successfully completing the ACET program, you now have free access to HealthStream, a web-based learning platform where you can complete these 15 required ACET CEUs anytime between now and your certificate’s expiration date.

Please complete this form to gain access to your HealthStream login credentials. Please allow several days to review your eligibility and to set up your account. We will email you your login information and instructions on how to access HealthStream as soon as we can.

The CEUs to maintain ACET credentials are listed below:

    • Bed Making Skills
    • Communications: Peer Relationships
    • Concepts of Infection Control
    • Developing Cultural Sensitivity
    • Effective Professional Communication
    • Handwashing
    • Housekeeping Basics
    • Introduction to Infection Control
    • Personal Cares Refresher
    • Personal Stress Management
    • Stress Management Skills
    • Taking Care of Your Back – for All States
    • Time Management in Healthcare
    • Understanding Coronavirus
    • Understanding Infections

Note: these CEUs will be updated in upcoming months as we continue to refine the ACET program. You are welcome to begin these CEUs now, but please note that an updated course list will be available later in 2023.

 Thank you, and please contact us at (425) 255-0315 or email with any questions or concerns.


If you have current CHEST certification...

Environmental service professionals with a current and valid CHEST certification are eligible to jump straight to the final review and exam portion of the 24-hour Advanced Certification for EVS Technicians (ACET) professional training program. Connect with the Training Fund to learn more or to sign up for an upcoming review and exam!

Why participate in ACET?

ACET is an innovative, accessible program that uses an interactive online learning developed by EVS and education industry professionals. ACET scales up existing knowledge by refreshing and improving skills to reduce healthcare-associated infections and injuries for patients and professionals alike.

  • ACET is free for Training Fund Members (available to non-members for a nominal fee)
  • ACET certification is valid for 3 years following successful completion of final ACET exam
  • Passing the ACET exam comes with 3 years free access to relevant continuing education
  • ACET maintains the same pay-increase associated with CHEST
  • ACET certification is an attractive addition to your resume and wall

Want to know more? Contact the Training Fund:

(425) 255-0315


CHEST to ACET on-ramp participants who passed the final exam on first attempt

Hear from ACET program participants and mentors

“I like to work in healthcare because I like to help people. When I am mentoring I teach them step by step. I like to be a leader to teach that employee. The more I mentor the more I get knowledgeable and my English is getting better and better.”

Carmen Smith

ACET Mentor, Housekeeper, Swedish Medical Center

“My job is very valued. What I do in the building is very important for everybody’s safety, for the patient.”

Victor Gonzalez

ACET Program Alumnus, EVS Worker, Swedish Medical Center

[ACET provides] professional development and training for EVS staff, which improves their retention, feeling supported and being able to contribute to their education and training. Additionally, it improves our patient satisfaction because they know that they’re being knowledgeable and have the most up-to-date evidence-based correction control practices and training.
Renee Rassilyer-Bomers

Chief Nursing Officer, Swedish

Our members really care about their job. They really are proud of the work that they do every day. This ACET program really makes our members feel valued as an important, essential part in the healthcare of patients because they also know that they have specialized training that makes them feel valued and important to the whole team.
Jane Hopkins

President, SEIU Healthcare 1199NW

Our Members Say It Best

“The Training Fund can help you advance your career through education. They are here to support you with tuition, advisors, tutors, education planning, emotional support, and information about many resources that will help through your journey.”

Danielle Davis, MA
Completed ADN through the Training Fund

Navigators look out for their members

“My Training Fund Navigator was really great at counseling me. He walked me through the whole process: applying to the Training Fund, qualifying for Tuition Assistance, and then sending me resources for scholarships to keep my costs as low as possible. When I was unsure about things, he would reach out on my behalf to help me navigate. He definitely went above and beyond!”

Paisha Andersen, MultiCare Deaconess Nursing Assistant
Graduated with RN degree from Spokane Community College (Aug 2020)