Career Counseling

Your Regional Education Navigator can provide career counseling to help you with the first step in creating a plan to help you achieve your career goals. When you meet with your Regional Education Navigator, they can help you with navigating and getting connected with the college programs and community resources to help you succeed. We are here to help you from beginning to end, whether you have a short term goal or a long term goal, just ask our experts how we can help.

Specialization Programs for Training Fund Members

Edmonds College Culinary Arts Program (for Swedish employees)

Program Details

SEIU Healthcare 1199NW, Swedish Medical Center, and The Edmonds College Culinary Arts Program have partnered to develop a new cohort pilot program for a 4-quarter certificate program in culinary arts that will qualify you to transfer into a Line Cook/Cook2 position at Swedish at the end of the program.

  • 4 quarters (cohorts start Spring 2023)
  • Monday and Wednesday classes at Edmonds College from 3 to 6pm
  • Weekly online learning
  • Earn 34 credits (approx. 8 per quarter) and a Culinary Arts certificate
  • No cost to Training Fund-eligible members at Swedish after 1 year employment and must maintain an FTE to be eligible for tuition assistance.

If the time of the classes conflict with your work schedule, please work with you manager to pursue options.

Contact a Training Fund Navigator at to learn more about the program, including educational resources such as Tuition Assistance, Laptop Lending and Enrollment support.

About the Instructor

Kevin Fogarty has been in the Culinary industry for 28 years (!) in one capacity or another.  He began as a dishwasher and cook in his college’s cafeteria, worked as a waiter in a fine dining French restaurant, did an apprenticeship for two years in French cooking in Madison Wisconsin, worked in Seattle for Kaspar Donier and Tom Douglas, was the head chef at a vegetarian restaurant called Carmelita in Seattle, worked catering for many years, and has been teaching on campus for 16 years.  Right now, he is very interested in how to get delicious and healthy, cooked from scratch food, into every corner of our society!

Flyer for Swedish Culinary Arts Program.

Advanced Certification for Environmental Service Technicians (ACET)

Advanced Certification for EVS Technicians (ACET) is a healthcare industry-informed 24-hour EVS professional training program that combines interactive online learning and examination with onsite training and assessment.

ACET originated as responsive programming to address both labor and management needs. Our partners at Swedish Hospital identified a need to advance EVS employees and promote respect for the valuable work that they do. This resulted in the CHEST program, which addressed this issue from the management perspective. Over time, this program has incorporated feedback from focus groups and subject matter industry experts to evolve into a new curriculum and certification program that is specifically for EVS workers: ACET.

The Certification is valid for three years (36 months) from the date of completion, after which candidates can complete re-certification online.

To learn more, visit the ACET website.