Academic and Student Success Resources

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The Training Fund is committed to supporting and advancing our members in school. We have compiled a list of resources to support our members’ success.  Also check out our Academic Support Materials, Tutoring Services and Employment Services.

Online Educational Resources
Khan Academy
Free online video tutorials explaining difficult concepts in math, science and more. They also have a math “knowledge map” where you can build your math skills though doing practice problems from elementary math all the way up through calculus and linear algebra.

The Open Education Consortium
This is a global network of education institutions that are sharing their coursework for free with the public. What each institution offers varies, but you can expect to find lecture recordings, notes, readings, quizzes and exams.

This site offers free study tools in the form of flashcards, quizzes and more, for a wide variety of subjects. Study sets are created and shared through this website at no-cost to students. You can even find Quizlet at the Apple App Store and through Google Play.

Reading Skills

Effective Reading – University of New South Wales
Useful guidelines and suggestion on reading effectively for new college students

Revising & Editing

Revising and Editing – University of Queensland
Useful guidelines when you are trying to revise and edit a first draft

Editing and Proofreading Strategies for Revision – Purdue Writing Lab
Very detailed and precise suggestions for what to check as you edit. Rather more concerned with the micro level and somewhat prescriptive but still useful.

General Writing 

Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL)
The Purdue OWL offers an increasing number of handouts, presentations, online workshops and other electronic materials to university communities.  You can access regularly-updated handouts on grammar, writing process, basic writing document design and ESL concerns.

Citation Styles and Using Sources

Referencing and Citation Style Guides: MLA, APA, CSE, Chicago – informED
Style guide on how to cite using the four main referencing styles.

Plagiarism: What Is it and How to Recognize and Avoid It – Indiana University
Gives examples when to know if  it is considered paraphrased or if it is plagiaris

Tip Sheets for Math and Science Classes
The Training Fund created prep sheets for some classes for pre-requisites for the most common healthcare program. Each provides an overview of the course, what to expect in class, and resources for learning more.

We encourage you to review the prep sheet before you sign up for the class.

Basic Math (often called Basic Math Skills)

Beginning Algebra I (often called Algebra 1)

Beginning Algebra II (often called Algebra 2)

Intermediate Algebra

Statistics (often called MATH&146)

Intro to Chemistry (often called Chem&121)

General Biology (w/ Lab) (often called BIOL&160)

Microbiology (often called BIOL&260)

Anatomy & Physiology

Note Taking Resources
Classes: Notetaking, Listening, Participation – Dartmouth College
Resources from Datmouth’s Academic Skills Center with tips on taking notes in class. This page, also, offers handouts and videos.

Note Taking Skills (Video) – University of British Columbia
Short three minute video on different methods for taking better notes, with a helpful mnemonic strategy.

Time Management and Organization
Everyone one is busy, with work and school. The following websites provide time management strategies and tutorials to help you effectively manage your time and get organized.

Manage Yourself, Not Your Time – Community College of Aurora

Time Management – University of Florida

Time Management Worksheet (pdf)- Illinois State University


Where's the COMPASS?
The COMPASS placement exam used by many colleges in Washington was discontinued at the end of 2016. Colleges are employing a range of replacement options to best serve students getting placed into appropriate courses as they enter their studies.

College testing centers are currently working to reflect this change. Please contact your Career and Education Navigator for questions or concerns.

Why should I go back to get my BSN?

A video produced by the Washington Center for Nursing featuring Training Fund member Audrey Cambronero, RN, at Valley Medical Center.

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