Tuition Assistance deadline is October 15!

The Training Fund is proud to offer our members the opportunity to apply for Tuition Assistance (TA), which can cover school-related costs like tuition, books, and other fees for approved programs at accredited and approved schools.

The deadline for applying for Tuition Assistance for courses beginning January 2023 or later is October 15, 2022.

We encourage you to apply early to receive expert guidance and support from our trained Navigators!

You do not have to be admitted into a program or know exactly what you want to do before applying for Tuition Assistance. Our Navigators will work with you to make a plan no matter where you are in your academic or career journey.   

For Service bargaining unit members, the current maximum amount for TA has been set at $3,500.
For RN and Professional/Technical bargaining unit members, the current maximum has been set at $5,250.
The TA benefit is based on your FTE. 

Tuition Assistance Snapshot: In 2021, 1,061 members used Tuition Assistance to support their education goals. Maximum TA amounts are: $3,500 for Service Bargaining Unit members, and $5,250 for Pro/Tech and RN Bargaining Unit members.
To apply for Tuition Assistance: 
  1. Complete a Training Fund member application to get connected with an Intake Coordinator and Resource Specialist, who will assign you an Education Navigator
  2. Work with your Navigator on an education plan and resources while Tuition Assistance spots are allocated
  3. Register for classes and submit your request for funding if you qualify for Tuition Assistance
  4. Explore other benefits such as career counseling and tutoring with your Navigator

“My Training Fund Navigator was really great at counseling me. He walked me through the whole process….applying to the Training Fund, qualifying for Tuition Assistance, and then sending me resources for scholarships to keep my costs as minimal as possible. When I was unsure about things, he would reach out on my behalf to help me navigate. He definitely went above and beyond!” 

Paisha Andersen

Nursing Assistant , MultiCare Deaconess