Welcome to the Training Fund, Neighborcare!

Welcome to our new members from Neighborcare Health!  You will be eligible for our programs and services beginning September 1, 2022.

We offer education and career advancement programs so that you can develop your skills, advance your career, and improve your professional opportunities. After September 1, please fill out our online member application to access available academic and career navigation services.

Watch our welcome video to learn more about the Training Fund!

These programs and services are available to you after you have been employed by Neighborcare for three months:

Tuition Assistance

Once you have worked at Neighborcare for one year, you may also qualify for Tuition Assistance, which covers tuition, fees, and book costs for a wide variety of healthcare education programs at regional colleges and universities. But even if you have not yet worked at Neighborcare for one year, please contact us to explore academic support and resources, career planning, and how we can help you reach your goals.

  • Tuition Assistance application window: September 1 – October 15 (to cover school beginning January 2023 or later)
  • We accept applications year-round and award Tuition Assistance after October 15. We encourage members to contact us early to work with a Training Fund Navigator on your education plan.
  • If you are currently in school and have already been receiving Tuition Reimbursement from your previous Education Fund, you may be able to add Tuition Assistance from the Training Fund. Please contact us to discuss this.

Learn About Your Benefits!

Please contact the Training Fund’s Partner Liaison for Neighborcare, Elena Bernardi, to learn more about our programs and services:

Already enrolled in a tuition-assistance program and need to get transferred to the Training Fund? Please complete a Member Application form and connect with us to learn more about next steps.

For a while, I was a single mom, I was in an abusive relationship and I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life and I was unsure about the future. After I left the situation I was in, I was totally lost; I had no education and no hope, I was utterly terrified in the world with three small children to support.

I met my now husband when I was 31. He helped put me through MA school so that if anything were to ever happen to him, I would have a future for myself and my children. As we have built a life together, I have realized that an education was always going be put on the back burner due to having kids, and having responsibilities outside of work; I became comfortable in my position as an MA. I never thought that being an RN would be feasible or within my grasp because of not being able to pay for it, or finding the time for school, or even having the emotional capability of doing so. So when we fought for our Training Fund, I did not think that it would benefit me because I had so many other things on my plate. Because we have a strong union at Neighborcare we were able to win the Training Fund for our medical assistants in our new contract. This is life changing for me–I now see that an education is within my grasp.

I now have the opportunity to further my career, to build more stability, but most of all, to show my children that it’s never too late to become what you want, to aspire to be more.  From my personal experience, I’m not only lifting myself up, but I am also showing my daughters that generational poverty doesn’t have to be a cultural norm and that financial stability and self-worth are achievable. I am showing all of my children that it’s never too late to dream.

Kristin Ortega

MA, High Point Clinic

We look forward to serving you as you pursue your education and career goals.

If you have questions or need help applying, please don’t hesitate to call the Training Fund office (425-255-0315) or email us.