Member Spotlight: Annelie Day

Our Members Say it Best!

Annelie’s Success Story

Annelie Day, LPN at Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill, describes herself as a feminist nurse – she has not let obstacles stop her from furthering her healthcare career and fighting for what she believes. 

Annelie chose a career in healthcare to empower women. “I work in women’s health to help provide honest, non-judgmental information for women so that they can make the best healthcare decisions for themselves”, explains Annelie who worked for five years as a Medical Assistant at Planned Parenthood.  

For the last four years, Annelie has worked at Kaiser Permanente as a Medical Assistant and recently transitioned into an LPN role. She had always wanted to continue advancing her career, but it wasn’t until a Kaiser Permanente Career Fair that she learned about the Training Fund and all the educational benefits available to support her dreams of being a nurse. 

Photo of Annelie Day, a white woman with shoulder length wavy hair wearing classes, black blouse and gray sweater, and a stethoscope smiling.

The biggest roadblock to continued education was balancing this goal with a full-time job. Annelie reflects, “For a long time, I knew I wanted to be a nurse. But I felt like I would not be able to stop working to attend a program, which most nursing programs recommend.” This common challenge affects many healthcare workers, and the Training Fund actively collaborates with our partners to create workable solutions.  

WA state-funded Hospital Employee Education and Training (HEET) grants allow the Training Fund to collaborate with education and employer partners to create programs designed for incumbent workers. HEET funding also helps us provide extra member support resources to cover childcare, transportation, technology, and tutoring. Annelie completed one of these HEET programs and says, “My Training Fund navigator told me about the part-time nursing program at Green River College. It ended up being the perfect fit that allowed me to continue my education while supporting my family.” These HEET programs are vital for meeting healthcare workers where they are and providing the support that they need to succeed. 

While working on the nursing program at Green River, Annelie also had access to a wide variety of Training Fund services. “The Training Fund helped me find a tutor for some of the nursing prerequisite courses that were challenging for me. I ended up doing well in my prerequisites, which made me a strong candidate for nursing programs. I attended a workshop to help me prepare my nursing school application. The Training Fund provided me with a ton of resources to help me prepare for the NCLEX. They even helped me pay for gas to get to my clinicals that were sometimes very far away.” We strive to remove barriers to education and career growth. 

Annelie has overcome challenges through access to resources and inspiration from her family and friends. “My cousin is a Physical Therapist who specializes in women’s health and was a big inspiration for me to further my education. She has supported me the whole way with lots of encouragement. Some of my close friends are nurses, and they also provided a lot of support and motivation, especially when school was very challenging.” The people you have in your corner make a difference! 

At the Training Fund, we know it is not just about providing resources, but also uplifting our members and building connections. Annelie appreciates this and says, “My navigator Melanie has been amazing. The Training Fund has changed my life trajectory in a major way.”  Annelie’s healthcare journey is just beginning. She was recently accepted into the LPN-RN Bridge program at Highline College. Congratulations, we believe in you, Annelie! 

Many obstacles can make going back to school seem impossible, but like Annelie, with the right support you can follow your dreams and accomplish your goals.  

Annelie shares this sentiment, “I would encourage my co-workers who are even thinking about going back to school to talk to the Training Fund. Their financial and practical support with things like applications and resumes has been hugely helpful in furthering my career”. We are here to support you in your educational and career journey.