Swedish Edmonds Members

“Having a Registered Nurse Mentor really helped me plan my career goals and the steps I need to achieve them. My mentor was available for in-person meetings, by phone and through the online app. She helped me think about developing specific skills as a labor and delivery nurse and how to become highly proficient in my profession. We also discussed my long-term goals of going back to school to become a nurse midwife, and next steps like shadowing other midwives. Beyond my career, she gave me moral support, encouragement and advice about how to achieve work-life balance. I hope the mentorship program will be expanded in the future to give other nurses and caregivers this valuable support.”

Aminah Coleman, RN

Aminah participated in the RN Mentoring Pilot

“I’m a Registered Nurse Mentor through the SEIU 1199NW Training Fund and I’m helping to guide my mentee through the start of his nursing career. There used to be a saying that ‘nurses eat their young’ because we could be pretty tough on new nurses. But now we’re
trying to implement a more supportive, constructive model with a nurturing environment, so we can help new nurses succeed. I’m using my 20 years of nursing experience to show my mentee the ropes, let him know what to expect, and give him the direction and tools he needs. The RN mentorship program is about giving back to the next generation so we can ensure patients will have the very best nurses by their bedside.”

Diana Christopherson, RN, Surgical Oncology

Diana participated as a mentor in the RN Mentoring Pilot

“Having the ability to travel to and attend professional conferences provides an opportunity to learn about and engage with cases of far greater complexity and scope than we often experience day-to-day. Participating in these conferences improves our medical knowledge and understanding, and in the process, allows us to become better healthcare providers and educators.”

Jadwiga (Yana) Slusarski, EEG Technician

Jadwiga attended the Epilepsy Update 2017 in Arizona