Kaiser Permanente Members

Only members of the Service Bargaining Unit have bargained for Training Fund benefits at KPWA

“The Training Fund can help you advance your career through education. They are here to help you with tuition, advisors, tutors, education planning, emotional support, and information about many resources that will help you through your journey.”

Danielle Davis, MA

Danielle is currently pursuing her ADN with the Training Fund

“I knew working full-time, as a parent attending school, was going to be a challenge, but it was always reassuring to know I had the support of the tuition assistance, my education navigators, and, especially, the knowledgeable tutors. I loved utilizing my tutors because they gave the me confidence to excel in the more technical classes like math, accounting, and finance!”

Dana Gibson, MA

Dana completed her Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Administration Management with support from the Training Fund

“There are so many opportunities I can explore with my education. Perhaps I want to go into community health, maybe I’ll work in the non-profit sector, who knows? The point is, after I finish my studies, I will have earned my bachelor’s, so the choices will be there for me and I will be prepared. I realize this choice would not have been possible without the support of the Training Fund, the union, and my management. I had earned my Associate Degree in Health Informatics and I was thrilled to learn I could continue to rely on the Training Fund to pursue my bachelor’s degree.”

Heidi Den Haan, Health Unit Coordinator

Heidi is pursuing her Bachelor's of Science in Health Promotion and Management