Conference Travel Funding for Professional-Technical workers

Pro/Tech workers: attend a conference relevant to you!

You can apply for up to $1,500 once per year to attend local and national professional conferences.

We encourage you to apply early!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Can be Paid For?

Eligible costs:

-Coach class airfare or other transportation costs (such as mileage) to and from the conference location

-Reasonable hotel costs for the day(s) of the conference and one day prior depending on travel distance and agenda times

-Conference registration fees

Reasonable costs of in-state travel qualify unless it is local travel as excluded below. Whether any costs are reasonable is in the sole discretion of the Training Fund, but employees are expected to make cost efficient decisions if options are available regarding necessary travel and hotel rates.

Ineligible costs:

-Travel to conferences outside of the U.S. and Canada.

-Travel costs incurred at the conference location itself (taxi from airport to hotel, for example)

-Local travel to or within the location

-Lodging other than a hotel (such as a vacation rental)

-Meals or other incidentals

-Flights to destination other than conference location

-Travel upgrades or optional travel fees (such as checked baggage)

How Much Funding Can I Receive?

Awards are made by seniority at your employer. Only one award per person, per year, will be funded.

-Members will be notified of their award status 14 business days following the quarterly deadline.
-Awards may be made up to $1,500 per person, per year, pro-rated based on FTE.
-The actual amount reimbursed will either be the award amount ($1,500), or the actual cost of your conference, whichever is less.

Members who fail to attend the conference for which the Fund pays any associated costs will have to repay the Training Fund for all costs incurred or remain ineligible for benefits for two years. Hardship circumstances may be appealed to the executive director who may waive all or part of the repayment requirement at his/her discretion.

How Do I Submit a Request for Conference Funding?

Please use the following steps to apply:

1. Complete the online application form (note that after you submit your request, we will contact your manager for approval). Applications must be submitted before you attend a conference. You will not be considered for an award towards a conference you’ve already attended. If you have attended a conference you can use your Professional Development reimbursement benefit to receive up to $300. Learn more here.

To complete this form you will need to:

-Collect documents about the conference you want to attend. A website screenshot and/or brochure should be available. The documentation must include conference name, dates, location, registration costs, sponsoring organization name, and relevant CEUs available.

-Collect sample hotel costs for the conference location (this can be a screenshot or printout of a page showing hotel costs from Google, Expedia, or another travel site–you do not need to book the hotel at this point).

-Collect sample costs to travel back and forth to the conference location. If driving, print out route from map-quest and costs will be calculated based on federal mileage reimbursement rate; if flying, print out or screenshot sample airfare to the conference location (you do not need to pay for transportation at this point, simply show examples of what it will likely cost).

Remember that travel costs incurred at the conference location itself (taxi from airport to hotel, for example), cost of all meals, and any other incidentals are not eligible for reimbursement under this program.

2. Upload/attach all documents to the online application form, including documentation about transportation, hotel, and conference costs/info.


If you have any trouble completing the online form or uploading documents, please email or call 425-255-0315.

How Will I be Reimbursed?

Your award will be disbursed by reimbursement only.

If selected for funding, the actual amount reimbursed will either be the award amount ($1,500), or the actual cost of your conference, whichever is less.

You must retain and submit all receipts for your transportation, hotel, and conference registration in order to collect your award after attending the conference. Please don’t forget this important step!

When Can I Apply?

Applications are accepted on a quarterly basis. Deadlines for the current year are listed below.

Applications must be submitted prior to conference attendance in order to qualify. Conferences already attended prior to the application being submitted will not be considered.

Members who receive a denial award letter may reapply each quarter for consideration.

What Kinds of Conferences Qualify for Funding?

The conference must be for the position/modality in which the member is currently working.

The conference must award CEUs relevant to the member’s position.

Below are examples of conferences attended by Training Fund members using this funding:
-Annual American Association for Respiratory Care Conference (AARC)
-American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) Annual Scientific Sessions
-Magnetic Resonance Safety Officer Training/Course
-Fetal & Women’s Imaging – Advanced OB/GYN Ultrasound Conference
-Diagnostic Imaging by CME Science

Note: Professional Development (PD) organizations regularly change their offerings. Even if we have supported a PD offering in the past, please connect with Training Fund staff to confirm PD Benefits coverage.

Annual Deadlines
March 1
June 1
September 1*
December 1

September 01 deadline applies to conferences in the first quarter of the following year (if approved, these are funded from current year benefits).

Recharge your career

“With help from the Training Fund, I attended my profession’s national conference and came back charged and excited to share what I learned with my fellow respiratory therapists, as well as with other members of the healthcare team at SMC Edmonds. Most importantly, I know that I am able to apply what I learned to provide the best care for our patients.”

Pat Morris, Respiratory Therapist at Swedish Medical Center Edmonds

Take advantage of the Pro/Tech Conference funding

“[The Training Fund] has professional development benefits. My navigator Joshua steered me in that direction. I was enrolled to go to an international conference in Orlando, Florida and it was sponsored by the American Association of Respiratory Care (AARC). They paid most of my plane ticket and my attendance at the conference. They also helped pay for my membership in AARC, which is really cool.”

LeAnn Garcia, MultiCare Valley Hospital Registered Respiratory Therapist