RN Mentoring Partnership

Get more out of your nursing profession!

MultiCare Valley Hospital, Swedish Edmonds, Swedish Medical Center, UW Valley Medical Center, SEIU Healthcare 1199NW, and the Training Fund have partnered to offer a special RN mentoring pilot program to help promote professional development and teamwork in order to retain high-quality nurses in our hospitals.

This RN Mentoring Partnership gives new and seasoned nurses the opportunity to partner with veteran nurses who are eager to help mentees grow in their profession while working on mentors’ own skills in leadership, communication, and coaching.

Mentors and mentees will be required to participate in training. This program will take place September 2019 through February 2020.

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Why become a mentee?
  • Receive guidance, encouragement, and support from an experienced nurse mentor
  • Learn to navigate workplace challenges
  • Increase your professional networks
  • Learn proven examples and perspectives from a seasoned colleague in the nursing profession

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Why become a mentor?
  • Gain personal satisfaction from making a difference in the career development of a colleague
  • Enhance your skills in leadership, communication, and coaching
  • Grow your professional networks
  • Hear fresh perspectives from colleagues new to the nursing profession

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What do previous participants say?

Sara Gharbi-Reinking, RN, Valley Medical Center

“I always wished that I had had a mentor when I became a new nurse but there wasn’t a program available for me at the time. I remember watching the ease with which seasoned nurses around me practiced and I wished I could spend some time with them learning how they became such incredible nurses in a very intense work environment. I was thrilled when I saw that we would be starting a mentorship program through the Training Fund and knew immediately that I wanted to be part of the pilot program so that I could help support the next generation of nurses.

I would absolutely recommend the mentorship program to my colleagues. I think it’s a powerful program in terms of providing perspective and support to new-grads. It also helps revitalize and inspire those of us who have been in the field for a while.”

Diana Christopherson, RN, Swedish Edmonds

“I’m helping to guide my mentee through the start of his nursing career. There used to be a saying that ‘nurses eat their young’ because we could be pretty tough on new nurses. But now we’re trying to implement a more supportive, constructive model with a nurturing environment, so we can help new nurses succeed.

I’m using my 20 years of nursing experience to show my mentee the ropes, let him know what to expect, and give him the direction and tools he needs. The RN mentorship program is about giving back to the next generation so we can ensure patients will have the very best nurses by their bedside.” 


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