APPLY NOW: One-Time Tuition Assistance Reimbursement

Congratulations on recently being awarded a Tuition Assistance (TA) spot by the Training Fund! 

We have a limited one-time Tuition Assistance Reimbursement opportunity that pertains to 2022 tuition costs.  

Did you:

      • use personal funds to pay for schooling in 2022 while waiting for a TA spot?
      • apply for Tuition Assistance prior to the October 15, 2022 deadline?

If yes, the Training Fund has additional funding to provide one-time Tuition Assistance Reimbursement to cover terms from the time you most recently expressed interest in Tuition Assistance. This may apply to one or multiple terms, depending on your situation.  

Please contact your Regional Education Navigator or Intake Coordinator and Resource Specialist if you have questions or want more details about this funding opportunity. 

Apply now: Interested? Submit a Funding Request form before January 31, 2023, to apply for this limited one-time reimbursement. 

Note: If you’re applying for multiple school terms, please submit a separate Funding Request Form for each school term.