Member Spotlight: Annelie Day

Member Spotlight: Annelie Day

Our Members Say it Best!

Annelie’s Success Story

Annelie Day, LPN at Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill, describes herself as a feminist nurse – she has not let obstacles stop her from furthering her healthcare career and fighting for what she believes. 

Annelie chose a career in healthcare to empower women. “I work in women’s health to help provide honest, non-judgmental information for women so that they can make the best healthcare decisions for themselves”, explains Annelie who worked for five years as a Medical Assistant at Planned Parenthood.  

For the last four years, Annelie has worked at Kaiser Permanente as a Medical Assistant and recently transitioned into an LPN role. She had always wanted to continue advancing her career, but it wasn’t until a Kaiser Permanente Career Fair that she learned about the Training Fund and all the educational benefits available to support her dreams of being a nurse. 

Photo of Annelie Day, a white woman with shoulder length wavy hair wearing classes, black blouse and gray sweater, and a stethoscope smiling.

The biggest roadblock to continued education was balancing this goal with a full-time job. Annelie reflects, “For a long time, I knew I wanted to be a nurse. But I felt like I would not be able to stop working to attend a program, which most nursing programs recommend.” This common challenge affects many healthcare workers, and the Training Fund actively collaborates with our partners to create workable solutions.  

WA state-funded Hospital Employee Education and Training (HEET) grants allow the Training Fund to collaborate with education and employer partners to create programs designed for incumbent workers. HEET funding also helps us provide extra member support resources to cover childcare, transportation, technology, and tutoring. Annelie completed one of these HEET programs and says, “My Training Fund navigator told me about the part-time nursing program at Green River College. It ended up being the perfect fit that allowed me to continue my education while supporting my family.” These HEET programs are vital for meeting healthcare workers where they are and providing the support that they need to succeed. 

While working on the nursing program at Green River, Annelie also had access to a wide variety of Training Fund services. “The Training Fund helped me find a tutor for some of the nursing prerequisite courses that were challenging for me. I ended up doing well in my prerequisites, which made me a strong candidate for nursing programs. I attended a workshop to help me prepare my nursing school application. The Training Fund provided me with a ton of resources to help me prepare for the NCLEX. They even helped me pay for gas to get to my clinicals that were sometimes very far away.” We strive to remove barriers to education and career growth. 

Annelie has overcome challenges through access to resources and inspiration from her family and friends. “My cousin is a Physical Therapist who specializes in women’s health and was a big inspiration for me to further my education. She has supported me the whole way with lots of encouragement. Some of my close friends are nurses, and they also provided a lot of support and motivation, especially when school was very challenging.” The people you have in your corner make a difference! 

At the Training Fund, we know it is not just about providing resources, but also uplifting our members and building connections. Annelie appreciates this and says, “My navigator Melanie has been amazing. The Training Fund has changed my life trajectory in a major way.”  Annelie’s healthcare journey is just beginning. She was recently accepted into the LPN-RN Bridge program at Highline College. Congratulations, we believe in you, Annelie! 

Many obstacles can make going back to school seem impossible, but like Annelie, with the right support you can follow your dreams and accomplish your goals.  

Annelie shares this sentiment, “I would encourage my co-workers who are even thinking about going back to school to talk to the Training Fund. Their financial and practical support with things like applications and resumes has been hugely helpful in furthering my career”. We are here to support you in your educational and career journey.   

Member Spotlight: Reinhardt Ryden

Member Spotlight: Reinhardt Ryden

Our Members Say it Best!

Reinhardt’s Success Story

Reinhardt Ryden, Substance Use Disorder Professional (SUDP) Apprentice at Lifeline Connections, reminds us to see the potential in our own journeys.  

Reinhardt worked as a Peer Counselor for three-and-a-half years at Lifeline Connections, but his drive, passion, and knowledge prompted his Program Director to approach him with the opportunity to become an SUDP Apprentice through the Training Fund’s HealthCare Apprenticeship Consortium (HCAC). 

The motivation and nuanced understanding behind the complexities of recovery are deeply personal for Reinhardt – he will celebrate 10 years of long-term recovery on March 31st, 2024. He reflects on how his own journey supports his work today saying, “I feel that I have been given an opportunity to treat a disease while seeing the person who is in front of me.”  

Reinhardt’s parents inspired him to pursue a behavioral healthcare career. “My parents saw me at my worst and saw that potential in me before I could see it to believe it myself,” he shares.  “Sadly, my Dad passed away from a battle with cancer about a year before I started this new journey into the healthcare field. I often wish that he would have been able to see the person I became.”  

photo of Reinhardt, a white man wearing a red hat and shirt with facial piercings.

It has not always been easy for Reinhardt to connect his past to who he is now, and he confesses to experiencing some amount of imposter syndrome as his future continues to expand. “The opportunities that have been given to me leave me feeling like I am living someone else’s life. When I look back on choices I have made in my life, and how I was before my journey of recovery, this is a road and path that was not on the horizon.

“ I know that this is where I am supposed to be, and the challenge is remembering that.”

Despite the challenge, Reinhardt remains driven in his purpose to help others, and it is why he decided to pursue the SUDP Apprenticeship. “I wanted to create opportunities for those seeking help and eliminate the hoops and obstacles. I wanted to collaborate with community partners and provide community wrap-around care to those who are sick. I wanted to identify creative solutions on how to tailor a support program to the person, instead of the person to the program.” The SUDP Apprenticeship allows Reinhardt to grow into this behavioral healthcare pathway while building relationships now and receiving hands-on training and support.  

The SUDP Apprentice program affords Reinhardt the opportunity to experience a diverse range of programs and contexts, including: Men’s Residential, Women’s Residential, Pregnant Parenting Women’s Residential, Withdrawal Management, Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient, Crisis Triage and Stabilization, Involuntary Treatment Act (ITA), Homeless Outreach Stabilization and Transition (HOST), support with walk-in assessments, and Jail Transition Services/Jail Reentry Services with our Therapeutic Courts.  

And Reinhardt is already planning his future career as an SUDP Professional! “I am in the process of proposing an outpatient group that is tailored to our unhoused community members. My goal is to create an outpatient group that will build unity within these communities. I can eliminate obstacles by bringing treatment to them that is tailored to their needs in an equitable way.” With motivation from his parents, a drive for improving systems, and passion for building unity within communities, Reinhardt’s journey is just getting started. 

As Reinhardt reflects on the apprenticeship program, he says, “I don’t wake up wondering what I am doing with my life anymore. The apprenticeship program has given my life purpose.” The SUDP Apprenticeship has enabled Reinhardt to collaborate with clients and build rapport to assist others in making real life changes now. “The Training Fund/HCAC has created an opportunity that has already been changing and saving lives,” says Reinhardt. 

Congratulations, Reinhardt, on your many successes, 10 years in recovery, and all your hard work to improve lives!  

Learn more about the Training Fund’s HCAC Behavioral Healthcare Apprenticeship Programs.  

Pro/Tech Conference Travel Funding Award Deadline March 1

Pro/Tech Conference Travel Funding Award Deadline March 1

The Pro/Tech Conference Travel Funding Award application deadline is right around the corner!

Did you know that we provide our Professional and Technical members with up to $1,500 per year (in reimbursements) to attend local and national conferences?*

Apply before March 1 for any conferences that you plan to attend April-June 2024.

Professional and Technical workers also have professional development money available to them.

These benefits enable you to attend conferences, advance your career, and minimize personal out-of-pocket costs.

Here’s how it works:

  • Pro/Tech Conference funding can cover the cost of travel (hotel, transportation expenses, etc.) and registration fees.
  • Pro/Tech Professional Development benefits can cover the cost of attending a conference, e.g., registration fees.
  • Both benefits require members to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

The deadline to apply for a Pro/Tech Conference Travel Funding Award is March 1.**

*Applications must be submitted before the conference.

**For conferences in April-June 2024.

Welcome to the Training Fund, Kaiser Permanente of Washington SWEA, OT, and PT members

Welcome to the Training Fund, Kaiser Permanente of Washington SWEA, OT, and PT members

Banner image: Orange and blue background. White text across the top "Welcome, Kaiser Permanente of Washington SWEA, OT, ad PT members". Training Fund logo in the bottom left corner. Three round photos on the right side of physical therapists, occupational therapists, and social workers.

Welcome to our new members at Kaiser Permanente of Washington! We are thrilled to have Social Workers Employee Association, Physical Therapists, and Occupational Therapists join the Training Fund. You will be eligible for our programs and services beginning January 01, 2024.

We offer education and career advancement programs so that you can develop your skills, advance your career, and improve your professional opportunities. After you have been employed by Kaiser Permanente for 90 days you have access to:

GET STARTED: fill out our online member application.

Professional Development Support

You belong to the Professional/Technical bargaining unit.

Reimbursement up to $300/yr:

  • CEUs/Courses
  • Specialty Certifications: National Certifications exams or courses/review materials that prepare members for those exams.
  • Professional Memberships: Membership in professional organizations that provide access to CEUs as a benefit of membership

FREE access to unlimited CEU courses through HealthStream

Please contact your Training Fund navigator to learn more.

Professional/Technical Conference Funding

As members of the Professional/Technical bargaining unit, you have an additional professional development benefit. Attend a conference relevant to your field! You can apply for up to $1,500 per year to attend professional conferences. Funding can cover costs for conference registration, travel, and hotel. Pre-approval is required and funding is awarded quarterly.

  Tuition Assistance

Members who have already worked at Kaiser Permanente for more than one year may also qualify for Tuition Assistance now!

Tuition Assistance covers tuition, fees, and book costs for a wide variety of healthcare education programs at regional colleges and universities.

We encourage you to contact your Navigator and start working on your education plan.

If you are currently in school and have already been receiving Tuition Reimbursement from your previous Education Fund, you may be able to add Tuition Assistance from the Training Fund. 

To begin the Tuition Assistance process, submit a Member Application form at the link below.


Many of us working in Mental Health already have massive student loans from grad school. Not having the means to take the additional specialty training that we are passionate about limits our ability to serve patient populations who really need us, and also limits the longevity of our careers. When our only option for advancing our education or skill set is a reimbursement, it creates inequities and barriers to those of us who don’t have the resources to front the money. And those who historically have enough access, support, and resources for advanced study don’t always represent the demographics of our patients’ population. Having a therapist with a shared identity and shared life experiences brings so much value to the care we’re able to provide to our patients.

It’s never been more clear, post-pandemic, that we need to prioritize mental healthcare but we don’t have enough providers to meet the community need. That’s why we fought really hard to show Kaiser the values of investing in us and investing in mental healthcare. I’m so proud that our employer stepped up and agreed to do this work with us.

The Training Fund allows us to invest in our careers and better serve our patients, without having to pull from our personal food, housing, or other budgets. Especially for BIPOC folks, the Training Fund opens doors and gives many of us access. I hope that this will extend beyond just Kaiser and our own careers, and also help change the face of mental healthcare.”

Alanna Martin

Social Worker, Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill Medical Center

“During our recent contract bargaining, we fought for and won many victories. One that I was personally excited about was the inclusion of PT/OT into the SEIU Healthcare 1199NW Training Fund. Access to the Training Fund can help pay for conferences (travel, hotel, etc.), APTA/AOTA memberships, certifications, and study materials.

In some cases, it allows for us to apply for money up front, as opposed to having to wait several weeks for reimbursement. This is a great win for so many of us who are cash strapped, paying off student loans, and living in this wonderful but oh-so-expensive region.

John Maisano-Torres

Physical Therapist, Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill/Federal Way

We look forward to serving you as you pursue your education and career goals.

If you have questions or need help applying, please don’t hesitate to call our office (425-255-0315) or email us.

FREE Practical Application to Comprehensive Treatment of Pain Training

FREE Practical Application to Comprehensive Treatment of Pain Training

Our friend, Southwest WA Area Health Education Center (AHEC), is offering a FREE 3-hour Practical Application to Comprehensive Treatment of Pain training on the “safe integration of opioids into personalized pain management.” 


Available to: ANY licensed/certified health sciences provider in Washington state

All completers will receive a certificate of completion from PriMed.

Where: Virtual

When: Asynchronous through October 31st, 2024

The  Practical Approaches to Comprehensive Treatment of Pain program empowers you with the skills to effectively diagnose and treat pain holistically, highlighting both opioid and nonopioid options. You’ll master the safe integration of opioids into personalized pain management, mitigate risks, and identify signs of opioid dependence. Gain the expertise to optimally manage your patients’ pain and medication use to make a positive impact on public health.

Questions? Contact:

Pat Lange, Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Manager

Office: 360-786-9722 ext. 209

Cell: (253) 223-5997

Member Spotlight: Alexis Young

Member Spotlight: Alexis Young

Our Members Say it Best!

Lexi’s Success Story

Alexis (Lexi) Young is a busy mother of five and a Medical Assistant at Neighborcare Health. Determined to work in the medical field, she has not let anything stop her from pursuing her dreams.

Lexi started her journey to become a Medical Assistant in Louisiana, but natural disasters and other obstacles posed challenges to her goals. “Unfortunately, I became very ill. And after my area was damaged by Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Gustav, I moved back and forth from Louisiana to Seattle three times. I felt like my dreams of becoming a medical assistant would never be possible with all the challenges I was facing.”

Nevertheless, Lexi clung to her dreams and eventually started working at Neighborcare Health as a Patient Service Representative in 2021. “I heard about the Medical Assistant Apprenticeship program through our Union Newsletter. This was the perfect opportunity to restart my journey to become a Medical Assistant.” The Training Fund partners with Neighborcare Health to offer various apprenticeship programs through the HealthCare Apprenticeship Consortium. These apprenticeship programs help build education pathways and promote accessibility, retention, and stability within the healthcare workforce. One of these programs is the Medical Assistant (MA) apprenticeship – which was a perfect fit for Lexi.

Photo of Alexis Young, a Black woman with long wavy hair wearing a yellow shirt.

Since joining the MA Apprenticeship program, Lexi has also had access to supportive services that remove barriers and help her succeed in the program. “Being in this program, I can go to school, work, and get on the job training!! This program has given me the self-confidence and sense of living I lost in Louisiana and made such a positive impact in my life. It’s given me hope that one day I will be an LPN.”  

Supportive services, like laptop lending, are crucial in promoting accessibility and helping students succeed. At the Training Fund, we know that it is about more than just providing services – it is about being in someone’s corner and bringing partners together in community. “I have support from my instructors, mentors, co-workers, and classmates. The program is great for anyone looking to get into the medical field as a Medical Assistant,” says Lexi.   

This is just the beginning for Lexi. “I am now a Registered Medical Assistant. This program is giving me the opportunity to get my certification. I believe this program will be my gateway to achieving my goal to becoming a Licensed Nurse Practitioner.” 

We’re rooting for you, Lexi! 

Connect with the Training Fund to find out how you can achieve your career and education goals!