Laptop Lending Program for TF Members

Laptop Lending Program for TF Members

Need a laptop to complete your approved Training Fund program?


It’s on us!

As part of the Training Fund’s commitment to provide our members with digital access, we are partnering with Eduscape to provide laptops to members  who are currently enrolled in TF programs, beginning Apr 01, 2022.

This amazing resource is available to all Training Fund members free of charge, with no fees attached.

Simply request your Chromebook through us, and Eduscape will ship your device directly to you.

The Process:

Click here to request a Chromebook laptop if you are:

  • a Training Fund member
  • and currently enrolled in a Training Fund educational or professional development program

You can keep the laptop for the entire duration of the educational/professional development program, and in line with approved use and eligibility parameters.

At the conclusion of the program, the laptop will need to be returned to Eduscape.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to help you achieve your career and educational goals!


How do I request a laptop through the Laptop Lending Program?

It’s easy – please fill out this form to request a laptop. 

Note: You must be currently enrolled in a Training Fund educational or professional development program to qualify for this resource. Laptop usage must  also be in line with approved use and eligibility parameters for the Training Fund.

What is included in the Laptop Lending Program?

This program provides participants with:

  • A laptop: Eduscape will ship you a Chromebook, with pre-installed software applications. 
  • Google and Microsoft Products: The laptop will be pre-installed and able to access Google products (e.g., Drive, Sheets, etc.). You will also be assigned a Virtual Healthcare Institute email, which provides access to web versions of MS Word and Excel.  
  • Tech support & customer service: Eduscape will offer support services directly to members.
How much does it cost to use this program?

Nothing! This program is free for Training Fund members who are currently enrolled in a Training Fund program. 

This is part of our commitment to provide our members with digital access, and enable you to achieve your educational and professional development goals.

I just requested my laptop using the online form. What happens next?

If your request is approved, our program partner Eduscape will ship the laptop and its accessories directly to the mailing address that you provided. 

Please note: The Training Fund will not be shipping you any equipment.

I requested my laptop through this program, but it has been delayed / not yet arrived.

All program equipment is directly shipped to you by our program partner Eduscape. Please contact Eduscape support for details about your order.

My laptop is damaged, broken, and/or doesn’t work.

All program equipment is directly supplied to you by our program partner Eduscape. Please contact Eduscape support for options on how to repair or replace your laptop.

I need help with the applications / software on my laptop.

All program equipment & pre-installed software is provided to you directly by our program partner Eduscape.

Eduscape offers tech support as part of this program. Please contact Eduscape support for assistance

I have completed my Training Fund program and need to return my laptop.

Please return your laptop directly to our program partner Eduscape. Contact Eduscape support for details. 

Please note: The Training Fund will not be receiving or returning your laptop for you. 

Have a question and don’t see it here?
Please contact us or call (425) 255-0315 for more information about the Laptop Lending Program.
Welcome, St. Clare!

Welcome, St. Clare!

Welcome to our new members from St. Clare Hospital, Virginia Mason Franciscan Health! You have been eligible for our programs and services since April 1, 2022.

We offer education and career advancement programs so that you can develop your skills, advance your career, and improve your professional opportunities. After April 1, please fill out our online member application to access available academic and career navigation services.

Watch our welcome video to learn more about the Training Fund!

These programs and services are available to you after you have been employed by St. Clare for three months:

  • Career and education counseling services
  • Educational support services, such as academic support workshops, math and science tutoring, English language classes, and basic computer classes
  • Professional Development support, such as discounted CPR and Life Support certifications, reimbursement for activities like specialty certifications and conferences/courses that carry CEU credits, and free access to CE Unlimited courses.

Tuition Assistance

Once you have worked at St. Clare for one year, you may also qualify for Tuition Assistance, which covers tuition, fees, and book costs for a wide variety of healthcare education programs at regional colleges and universities. But even if you have not yet worked at St. Clare for one year, please contact us to explore academic support and resources, career planning, and how we can help you reach your goals.

  • Tuition Assistance application deadline: We typically accept applications year-round and award Tuition Assistance after October 15. But based on your joining date of April 1, we have a different deadline for St. Clare members. We encourage members to contact us early to work with a Training Fund Navigator on your education plan.
    • Initial application window: April 1 – June 15 (to cover school between Fall 2022 through Spring 2023 quarters)
    • Next application window: October 15 deadline (to cover the 2023–24 academic year)
  • If you are planning to go to school during or after Summer 2022, please apply for Tuition Assistance between April 1 and June 15. Learn more about Tuition Assistance.
  • If you are currently in school and have already been receiving Tuition Reimbursement from your previous Education Fund, you may be able to add Tuition Assistance from the Training Fund. Please contact us to discuss this, or attend a Benefits Review Meeting (see below).
Submit a Member Application form to get started and begin accessing your Training Fund benefits!

Learn About Your Benefits!

Please join the Training Fund’s Partner Liaison for St. Clare, Cindy Holland, at a virtual info session to learn more about our programs and services:

May 13 @ 1 p.m.: Click here to register!

May 26 @ 3 p.m.: Click here to register!

June 7 @ 10 a.m.: Click here to register!


Already enrolled in a tuition-assistance program and need to get transferred to the Training Fund?

Please complete a Member Application form and connect with us to learn more about next steps.

We look forward to serving you as you pursue your education and career goals.

If you have questions or need help applying, please don’t hesitate to call the Training Fund office (425-255-0315) or email us.